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Coaching educational paradigm

Although the content of our programmes is important, we are focussed on making sure that we make a difference. Our training is only effective if it results in a change to how you work. But how often do you attend training, find it interesting, but then really don't have the time to implement what you have learnt?

Our training style is therefore designed to ensure that not only do you learn something interesting, but that you see the relevance it has to you and you are determined to make changes to the way you work. We do this by involving our attendees in discussions, encouraging them to understand what is important to them and giving them the time and space to plan how they can make the changes they need to make.


Experts by experience

Using expertise by experience is important to us. Our Education Director lives with the more common mental health conditions anxiety and depression, which are often triggered by Stress. He is keen to share the experiences that have helped him understand and overcome his condition and his perspective will help you to cast a clearer light on issues that are not usually well understood.

We have a blend of staff with experience of mental health issues, management experience, training and coaching. We have over 7 years experience of managing and working the first Recovery College in the UK. This College pioneered bringing self management courses to people with mental health issues in a College style to help them to become experts in their conditions to build resilience and cope better with their lives.


NHS management experience in mental health

Over 18 years experience managing services in the NHS in mental health, working with people with a wide range of mental health conditions supporting them alongside healthcare professionals.


Business experience

20 years experience in various businesses including a founder and managing director of a multi office estate agency practice.



We also have a coach qualified to ILM level 7 in Executive Coaching having coached people from a wide range of sectors.